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What is Personalized Medicine?


Personalized medicine or precision medicine, is a medical term that characterizes a patient as a unique individual that reflects his/her unique genetic, protein and cellular characteristics.  Clinical trials are designed to treat patients based on the law of averages. Personalized medicine frequently relates to the use of genetic or DNA tests that reflect a patient's susceptibility to disease or a response to therapy.  While genetic testing is commonly available to predict a patient's susceptibility to disease or treatment, genetic testing alone has frequently not been sufficient. An intact cell provides more value because it contains the entire cell function, which includes genes, proteins and cell organelles.  


Cellular Engineering Technologies separates itself from other precision medicine companies by taking a holistic approach in precision medicine by creating a personalized stem cell from an individual that will have lifelong utility and diversity in which the cell's genetic profile and functional properties can be tested.  By having a personalized stem cell stored for lifelong use, a patient's genetic profile can be evaluated for human disease and serve as a surrogate to test experimental as well as FDA-approved drugs to determine which drugs are efficacious and safe.

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