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What Cells Are Needed to Produce a Personalized iPSC?


There are several types of target cells or starting cells to create iPSC.  There are a number of suitable targets cells from newborns.  These cells include:


1. Cord blood cells

2. Skin fibroblasts from circumcisions

3. Stem cells from umbilical cords and from placenta. 

4. Blood sample. Blood contains special white cells called peripheral mononuclear cells (PMNC), which represent a source of target cells that also can be used after birth. 

Thus, the production of iPSC are not restricted to postnatal tissue like cord blood.  This is an advantage over the policy of current cord blood banks.

Typically, a sample of tissue or blood samples is provided and these target cells are purified and exposed to several chemicals and genes to produce a personalized iPSC.


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