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What Are the Costs to Produce a Personalized iPSC?


There are two charges for producing iPSC.  The first charge is the initial production of iPSC which takes 2-3 months to produce. The second charge is an annual storage fee.  The first charge is significantly greater than the typical initial cost of private cord blood storage. The reason for the higher cost is the greater labor and the expensive reagents required to produce an iPSC than that encountered for privately banked cord blood. 


However, the annual storage cost is comparable to the annual storage cost for cord blood.  When one considers the total lifetime cost for producing and storing personalized iPSC, coupled with the benefits, and compared to other lifetime insurance costs (e.g. auto, life insurance, homeowners, disability and medical), the lifetime cost of an iPSC is substantially lower.  For a personal quote of the cost, we direct clients to fill out the iPSC contact form.


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