Rare Disease CRO Services


CET is now one of the few boutique CRO that can offer a diverse platform of preclinical and clinical research services in rare diseases.

The following preclinical services include:

1. Personalized induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) production from patients from peripheral blood to produce patient and disease-specific stem cell models. CET has developed the first-in-kind virus-free, integration-free and oncogene-free iPSC platform.

2. Differentiation of iPSC into cardiac and neurological cells.

3. Magnetic cell sorting and purification of immunological cells from cell suspension preparations.

4. Flow cytometry.

5. ELISA and drug screening assays.

6. Complete workflow in upstream custom bioprocessing from de novo gene and plasmid design to custom mammalian (CHO) and human stem cell production in protein bioprocessing for analytical, diagnostic and drug discovery applications (e.g. creating drug targets for drug discovery).

7. Biobanking services.

8. Customized tissue culture media formulation for human stem cells and primary cells.

The following clinical services include:


1. Patient recruitment services.

2. Tissue procurement services.

3. Institutional review board expertise.

4. Patient biorepository and biobanking services.

5. Phlebotomy services.

6. Diagnostic clinical laboratory services.

7. Inpatient hospital clinical trial services.

8. Advanced radiological services (Echo, Ultrasound, PET, MRI and CT).

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