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Livestock and Animal Services


CET is focused on developing innovative technologies to evaluate drug safety and drug discovery for livestock and companion animals.  CET provides contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry using our unique expertise in tissue culturing and media formulation coupled with custom assay development to provide a variety of testing services to support the animal health care industry.  CET's objective is to provide innovative research and development solutions to better serve veterinarians, livestock producers and pharmaceutical companies that develop therapeutics for the animal health industry.


Our contract research services include the following:


  • cDNA cloning

  • Site-directed mutagenesis

  • Subcloning in protein expression vectors.

  • Small scale recombinant protein production.

  • Animal cell production and scale-up for cell-based toxicology testing.

  • Animal stem cell production and scale-up.

  • Custom assay development.

  • Induced pluripotent stem cell production.

  • Stem cell differentiation.

  • Blood and tissue procurement.

  • Immunological cell isolation and cell expansion.


Customers in need of contractual research services should contact CET using our contact form.

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