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List of Upstream Bioprocessing Services



CET can synthesize a synthetic protein from our proprietary CHO-K1 cells or our proprietary human cells. Please see our options below:

  • Investigator supplied DNA or Genbank accession number specific for mRNA or cDNA.

  • Full suite of synthetic biology services including synthesis of entire insert if DNA is unavailable.

  • Species specific (e.g. mammalian or bacterial) codon optimization for robust expression.

  • Full in-silico cloning to provide investigator with project outline, timeline and workflow.

  • Ligation and restriction enzyme independent seamless cloning of open reading frame.

  • Sanger di-deoxy sequencing of cloned insert for validation.

  • Choice of mammalian or human promoters including CMV, EF1A and CAG.

  • Choice of CHO or human expression vectors.

  • Choice of cytosolic, nuclear or secreted protein expression.

  • Choice of popular isolation tags including c-myc, FLAG, GST and HIS.

  • Choice of fusion proteins including GFP, RFP and Fc fragment (either N-Terminal or C-Terminal).

  • Provision of transfection quality DNA to investigator ready for expression.


CET can either express your provided construct or one that we create for you in mammalian cells or bacteria. Please see our options below:


  • Expression of construct in CHO-K1 cells.

  • Expression of construct in CET's proprietary human-specific somatic stem cells.

  • Creation of stable mammalian or human cell line using puromycin screening to express protein of interest.

  • Provision of crude cell lysate containing expressed protein.

  • Provision of conditioned media containing expressed protein (if secreted).



CET can validate the expression of your protein, post-transfection or transduction, either in CHO or human cells. Please see our options below:

  • Western blot of protein expression from our cell lines. Investigator chooses system and provides primary antibody.

  • Micrography of intracellular or nuclear protein expression, if fused with GFP/RFP or similar fluorophore.

CET would be happy to speak with you regarding your protein production needs. We will work with you to map out every step so you save precious time, resources and money to come up with a streamlined workflow that results in the expression of your desired construct.

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