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iPSC Reprogramming Services


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) reprogramming is an important technology in preclinical research regardless of whether for basic or applied research.  Yet, iPSC reprogramming is very challenging to perform if you are not experienced in the field. The cost and time of performing your own iPSC reprogramming can be arduous and expensive.  Also, even if you are experienced in the field and have established a standard operating procedure (such as performing viral iPSC reprogramming), the iPSC reprogramming field has now advanced toward non-viral, non-integrating cell, and feeder-free reprogramming methodologies.  Thus, outsourcing your iPSC reprogramming work to organizations that are very experienced in this technology can be highly valuable and cost-effective.


CET provides the most cutting edge iPSC technology service to its clients.  Customers can send us cultured skin fibroblasts or even a 10 ml sample of whole blood to CET.  We perform non-viral, non-integrating iPSC reprogramming.  Our cell reprogramming is feeder-free and even ONCOGENE-FREE of c-Myc and Lin-28.  Our cell reprogramming approach eliminates viral and oncogenic perturbations that may interfere with evaluating native cellular responses to physiological and pharmacological stimuli.  CET will provide, in approximately 8 weeks, a passage four iPS cell line that is validated for pluripotency. iPSCs can be created from CD34+ cells that are expanded from whole blood samples.  The deliverables include:


1. Passage 4 iPS cell line.

2. Instructions on cell maintenance.

3. Validated test results.


CET also can also provide contractual research services by assisting in recruiting patients to harvest target cells for creating patient and disease-specific iPS cell lines for preclinical drug discovery.


The cost for the iPSC reprogramming service is competitive with any third-party outsourcing service.  To receive a quote of our service, please fill out the contact form.

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