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iPS Growth Media Kit


CET’s iPS Growth Media is a universal, defined media for iPS cell systems. This media has been formulated and validated to grow on vitronectin XF, Geltrex, and Matrigel, providing a more defined, cost effective and reproducible growth condition. CET’s iPS growth media has been uniquely formulated to restrict cell differentiation, promote robust growth, and prevent cell death. This media is a complete growth media, and therefore does not require any additional reagents. Along in this kit is CET’s iPS Growth Media Supplement, which enhances the efficiency of human iPS cell formation. CET’s media is entirely serum-free and xeno-free. All media is shipped by gel packs.

To properly grow and passage CET's iPS cell lines, please download and follow the instructions described in the manual entitled, Cellular Engineering Technologies Inc. Guide to iPS Cell Culture.

Media Usage Protocol (includes quality control flow cytometry data): IPS Growth Media Protocol.pdf

iPS Growth Media Comparison
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