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iPS Episomal Vector Kit


Kit Contents


CET’s Episomal Reprogramming Kit contains a proprietary mix of vectors necessary to reprogram target cells into a virus-free and oncogene-free (Nanog, l-Myc, c-Myc and Lin28) from standard iPSC induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). The advantage of this system is the production of more native patient and disease-specific iPSC for drug discovery that can be skewed by oncogenic perturbations.  Vectors are optimized, pre-mixed and ready for transfection. Each kit contains sufficient material for conducting 5 reprogramming experiments. Product is shipped on dry ice. 

Product Description and Advantages

CET has created an episomal plasmid mix where individual reprogramming factors (RF’s) are placed on EBNA-1 containing vectors containing a CMV promoter with appropriate poly A sequences. This allows for high levels of expression for RF’s by avoiding the oncogenic influences of standard RF. The kit contains a p53 anti-sense element, which is necessary for preventing apoptosis in cells that are in the process of reprogramming, along with a Red Fluorescent Protein Reporter tag to determine transfection efficiency and episomal silencing. CET’s episomal kit has numerous advantages over using either mRNA or Sendai Virus based reprogramming methodologies. These include: 1) A single transfection step. 2) Inherent clearance of exogenous episomal DNA during cell division compared to repeated passaging required using Sendai Virus. 3) No introduction of viral DNA and subsequent viral protein expression. 4) Cost. No need to repeatedly transfect unlike mRNA or use agents such as interferon blockers. 5) Simplicity and versatility. CET’s Reprogramming kit can reprogram virtually any nucleated target cell, whether adherent or suspension. 

1. Information on CET Episomal Kit Description can be downloaded from this link.

2. Information on CET Episomal Reprogramming Protocol can be downloaded from this link.

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