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iPS Cell Lines


CET offers several oncogene-free iPS (Nanog, Myc and Lin28) cells for research purposes. CET has developed proprietary technology that decreases the time and cost and significantly increases the efficiency and purity of the first-in-kind virus-free and oncogene-free iPS cellular reprogramming. iPS cell lines have been developed using either a proprietary viral-free as well as a footprint-free gene construct version that eliminates oncogenes (Nanog, Myc and Lin28) from pluripotent stem cell reprogramming. Cell growth and viability of all CET pluripotent cell lines have been optimized with CET’s proprietary iPS cell growth media and cell passaging media. iPS cells have been adapted for either feeder and feeder-free conditions. Our iPS cells are judged to be fully pluripotent based on colony morphology, alkaline phoshatase staining, antibody testing for expressed pluripotent and embryonic stem cell surface biomarkers. Some cell lines have been validated for teratoma formation as well.

Download, sign and submit the Material Transer Agreement to CET (Fax number: 319-665-3003).

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