I Banked My Child's Cord Blood Years Ago - Did I Make a Mistake?


If you privately banked your child's cord blood years ago, you made the right decision but probably for the wrong reason. There are new advances in regenerative medicine to produce induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). iPSC was developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Shinya Yamanaka in 2006.  iPSCs are pluripotent stem cells that can differentiate (convert) into every cell of the body.  Also, iPSCs have the advantage that they can grow to super high levels and potentially treat many diseases in children and adults.

iPSC are currently being pursued in a variety of clinical trials for neurological and cardiovascular disease, juvenile diabetes, macular degeneration and cancer.  

iPSC are also being used to streamline drug development because the cell represents a surrogate of the patient that would provide more predictive outcomes of drug testing than the current method of using experimental animals.

iPSC also serve as a source of cells for genetic diagnostic testing.

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