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Human Bronchial Airway Cells


CET produces patient-specific human bronchial airway epithelial cells.


CET specializes in producing patient-specific cultured human bronchial epithelial cells (HBEC) cells derived from bronchoscopic procedures obtained by endobronchial forcep biopsy taken from bronchial segments in patients with clinical diseases. Other commercial human airway cells are derived from lung resections or from cadavers that were rejected for transplantation. These types of cells do not control for specific disease conditions nor allow for longitudinal monitoring of biomarkers in clinical subjects.


In contrast, derivation of human airway cells from minimally invasive bronchoscopy procedures provide unique advantages over cells derived from whole lungs. Patient-specific cell lines derived from bronchoscopic procedures provide specific clinical phenotype containing diseased-specific biomarkers. CET specializes in custom orders of human airway cells, and we can assist with clinical studies that require longitudinal or cross sectional industrial studies that requires sampling of human bronchial airway cells to examine specific biomarkers. Cultured human airway cells are grown in defined serum-free tissue cultured medium and they have been validated up to passage four.

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