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CET Empty FPLC Columns


CET's empty FPLC columns are designed for low-pressure chromatography systems run by peristaltic pumps. Columns are made of plastic and come in 1 ml and 5 ml sizes. Columns are compatible with AKTA automated systems and GE manual peristaltic pumps and fittings.


  • Column material: polypropylene plastic (PP)

  • Frit material: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE)

  • Maximum pressure: 3 bar (44psi)

Kit Contents:


  • 1 Column tube

  • 1 Sealing plug

  • 1 Sealing sleeve

  • 1 Top stop plug

  • 1 Bottom stop plug

  • 1 Top frit


FPLC Columns are designed for fast protein liquid chromatography or desalting applications. Simply pack the empty FPLC column with desired resin to separate or purify target molecule. CET also sells packed FPLC columns with a variety of resin choices for immobilized metal affinity (IMAC) chromatography applications.

To download a protocol for the Empty FPLC Column, click here.

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