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Drug Screening Services


CET offers a range of drug screening contract research services.  CET has over 70 years of collective cellular and tissue engineering expertise.  These services includes the following:


  • Custom assay development.

  • High throughput cell based label assays.

  • High throughput label-free electrical impedance spectroscopy assay.

  • Robotic High Throughput Cell-Free and Cell-Based Assays.

  • High throughput multi-color flow cytometry.

  • Functional phenotypic drug screening.

  • Custom microfabrication, imaging and material science expertise.

  • 2D and 3D cell based drug high throughput cell screening.

  • Quantitative live cell imaging.

  • Co-culture cell based assays.

  • System biology expertise.


Customers in need of contractual research services should contact CET using our contact form.

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