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Custom Stem Cell Production


Stem cell technology is increasingly becoming important in drug discovery, diagnostic testing, medical device development and cell therapy industrial production.  However, stem cell technology is a rapid, growing and complex field that it has become impossible to integrate preclinical and clinical stem cell operations into the workflow of industry regardless of company size.  CET provides a spectrum of contract research services that includes the following:



CET’s contractual research services includes capabilities to recruit targeted patients and procure and transport tissues and extract targeted cells from a variety of human tissues from its network of hospitals and clinics. We have the expertise and years of experience in finding the right patient to create the personalized diseased-specific cell model for any client's drug discovery program. We have expertise in Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols and consent procedures, which eliminates the requirement of customers to manage that process themselves.


Customers in need of contractual research services should contact CET using our contact form.

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