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Custom Gene Editing Services

CET offers CRISPR gene knock-in services for many human cell type. Whether you are working with immortalized lines, adult stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS), CET can create custom stable cell lines that will accelerate your research. CET's technology allows for the insertion of any gene (< 5 Kb) with an open reading frame in the Adeno Associated Virus 1 (AAV1) safe harbor locus. This assures you that the heterologous gene is being expressed as intended, without interfering in the cell's natural genetic program. Please refer to the Key Features listed below:

Key Features:

  • Customer can provide a sample of the gene to be cloned (e.g. small or large scale prep or PCR product), in which case, CET will handle all downstream manipulation.

  • Customer can provide gene ascension number for the open reading frame of the gene they wish to clone and CET will handle both the synthetic biology and all downstream manipulation.

  • Proteins to be expressed from knock-ins can be secreted, cytosolic or nuclear. Customer must specify intended location of protein or cytosolic expression will be assumed.

  • CET will create transient cell lines and test gene expression via western blotting. Immunohistochemistry is also available. If satisfactory quality control is achieved, CET will create stable cell lines of the same transient line.

  • CET can archive and maintain stable cell lines at its facility so that customer reorders will be rapidly fulfilled.

  • All human cells are eligible for CET's gene knock-in services but some cells can remain refractory or hard to transfect and will be tried on a best-case basis. 

For an estimated quote, please fill out a Form to provide details of your project.

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