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Custom CD34+ Isolation and Expansion


CD34+ cells are hematopoietic stem cells that are present in both peripheral blood and in cord blood.  Unfortunately, the number of CD34+ cells in both blood pools is typically too low to perform any downstream analytical assay or cell differentiation assay.  CD34+ cell isolation and expansion is a very challenging art to perform if you are not experienced in the field. The cost and time of performing your own CD34+ cell isolation and expansion can be arduous and expensive. Thus, outsourcing your CD34+ cell work to organizations that are very experienced in this technology can be highly valuable and cost-effective. CET offers an outsourcing service in isolating and expanding a sufficient number of CD34+ cells from a whole blood sample. Cell expansion can take approximately 2 weeks.  CET strongly recommends that users utilize CET's hematopoietic cell expansion media.  


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