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Companion Animal Regenerative Medicine

Cellular Engineering Technologies (CET) has over 10 years of expertise in manufacturing human adult stem cells for the global scientific community.  We are a leading global supplier of human adult stem cells for academia, government laboratories and industry.  CET is now offering its manufacturing capabilities to veterinarians that desire to provide regenerative medicine treatments to pets with degenerative orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteochondral defects and tendon injuries.


CET’s regenerative medicine approach involves using the pet’s own stem cells (autologous) derived from a sample of adipose tissue surgically removed by a veterinarian.  A sample of adipose tissue is shipped to CET’s manufacturing facility and a stem cell therapy is produced and then shipped back to the veterinarian for stem cell administration.  A stem cell line is also produced and is subsequently placed under cryostorage for future treatment if necessary.

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