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First and Best-In-Class Fully Human Custom Bioprocessing Services


Successful drug discovery is highly dependent on having the most native human drug target to produce therapeutic small and large molecules. Native drug targets are particularly important for producing viral antigens. Current drug targets are produced from a variety of non-human cell lines and bacteria that lack a native human PTM system. Notwithstanding that current immortalized human cell lines are ethically controversial, these cell lines were immortalized with large viral fragments that introduced extraneous viral proteins with aberrant PTM systems. The glycosylated state of peptides and proteins are critical in defining the structural, functional and immunological properties and for regulating the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of proteins. CET offers customized first-in-class and best-in-class CRO/CMO bioprocessing services that preserve human post-translational modification through its proprietary gene edited human stem cells using CRISPR.


CET provides vertical integration with complete workflow in bioprocessing of peptides and proteins using its proprietary immortalized human somatic stem cells. CET's workflow capabilities includesin silicodesign, synthetic biology, vector production, cell line development, protein purification and fill-and-finish. CET only needs the Genbankascension number of the desired gene. CET also offers CHO cell versions, as a quality control, if that is preferable to the investigator. 


CET can serve as a one stop shop for all of your CHO cell and human bioprocessing needs. For details of our services, please download our brochure:

CET FIC Human Protein Service.pdf

For an estimated quote, please fill out a Form to provide details of your project.

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