Bioprocessing Services and General Information


Establishing mammalian and human cell lines for protein production is important step in drug discovery, biologic therapeutics and diagnostics. Creating a robust cell line is a critical requirement to achieve such success.  CET provides contractual research services in creating CHO cell lines for bioprocessing for the end user.  CET's CHO cell line is adapted for serum-free growth under adherent and suspension cultured systems.


CET has the expertise in synthetic molecular biology, cloning and production of transient and established CHO cells for subsequent protein production.


We can assist with creating an optimized synthetic cDNA of a gene of interest provided the DNA sequence is known.  We can optimize plasmid production to facilitate optimal transcription and translation. Thus, we can provide a continuum of services from design to established cell line.


CET also can provide support in the downstream services in protein purification, analytics and final product lyophilization and packaging through our academic support services.  CET can serve as a one stop shop for all of your mammalian and human bioprocessing needs.


A list of upstream and downstream services are listed on the following links:


Upstream Bioprocessing Services


Downstream Bioprocessing Services


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